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DISCLAIMER:  All ideas contained herein are the sole opinions of their author, Mark Zimmerman, and do not in any way reflect the opinions of SQUARE, NINTENDO, or their respective programmers.

The Mystery of Life, Vol. 841, Ch. 26.
All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu. This is the truth! This is my belief!--At least for now

         Nu comes from Greek lore as the word that describes the primordial soup from which all life began.  So thus comes an issue that lends itself to near limitless debate:  What is Nu?  Upon closer examination, it becomes obvious that (He? It? They?) is not just a simple character, but some entity representing a much greater idea.  Upon even closer examination, I have come up with a theory that I believe makes some sort of sense.  I believe that Nu is a manifestation of the sentient-conscious thought, the dreams and ambitions [corny as that may sound] of human beings; a sort of Carl Jung-ish explanation of the collective unconscious, if you will.
In 65,000,000 BC, as the human race was just beginning to actually think above the level of animals, you meet Nu for the [chronologically] first time.  In this era, he (the pronoun I will use from this point on) speaks to you in the halting, basic manner of speech used by the human inhabitants of this era.  As humans lived in an era of technological non-existence, Nu lived the same, making his home in the hunting grounds.  Additionally, as humans lived their lives hiding from the powerful Reptites, Nu showed himself only during the rain for brief periods of time.  Furthermore, after the fall of the Reptites, when humans begin to assert their dominance over the Earth, Nu makes his first exposed, daytime appearance, speaking with a slightly more evolved language.
         You again meet Nu in 12,000 BC where Nu is a completely different character.   Now, as the human race has begun to experiment with their own minds, playing with intelligence and manipulating thought, Nu becomes a rather playful creature.  The scientists of Zeal study Nu with the same interest as they study dreams.  But in this it is apparent that Nu is not simply a part of Zeal, but greater than it, for Nu is the one being that has no connection to Lavos and his power from which the rest of the kingdom feeds.
         600 AD adds a rather interesting appearance of the creature. The only explanation I can come up with is that Nu appears only when the human races ambitions are being tested (i.e. when survival of mankind is threatened).  The threat posed by the Mystics is considerably less than the threat posed by Lavos or the Reptites.  Other than that, I cannot come up with any explanation for his actions in this era.
         The millennium is easy to explain.  The human race is not being tested, so Nu does not appear.  Done.
         In the final era of mankinds existence is the best example of why Nu is what he is.  First, I do not believe that the robot that Belthazar was building was a true robotic creation; instead some attempt to use technology to fuse his mind with that of the Nu.  As mankind has become more and more reliant on technology and machines to fulfill its ambitions, Nu has become more and more reliant on the same for existence (thus his robot-like state).  Do you remember the Nu's last request to your party before you leave 2300 AD?  The recording of Belthazar asked you to flip the switch that turns off the Nu.  Belthazar stated that the Nu has had a long, hard existence, and now must rest until the end of time.  The metaphor contained here is a powerful one:  Mankind, which has come so far and fought so hard, has lost the war against Lavos, and now has no hope for survival; thus, the switch is to be flipped off on mankinds dreams and ambitions, and even its existence.  For without mankind, there can be no consciousness on the shell of a planet called Earth.
         However, Nu was to sleep until the end of time, according to Belthazar.  And that he did.  Now comes the part when every theory falls apart.  I really dont know what Spekkio is, except for the fact that he is Nu (resurrected?).  The proof of this outlandish statement can be found if you ever get Chrono to level 99.  Go to fight Spekkio with this strength, and you will find him in his true form.  It is possible that this is a statement by the programmers about the nature of mankind.  After all, if Nu was to represent the dreams, ambitions, and consciousness of mankind, his existence at the all-encompassing End of Time would be a manifestation of the strongest of these ambitions, the ambition for war, power, and expansion..
Another idea is that, because Nu is somehow tied to the Dreamstone that gave humans their sentiency in the first place, the end result of the dreams caused by the stone is the strife to better oneself and fulfill ones dreams, often ending in violent conflict, if not war.
If you have your own ideas explaining Nu/Spekkio, or anything discussed here, please feel free to E-mail me your ideas at

Other Theories:
         -Why dont humans evolve over 65,002,300 years?
         -The answer here is simple.  Lavos was controlling the evolution of Gaia from deep within the crust.  Because he absorbed all the best mutations for himself, there was very little that could have evolved in the human race over the said period of time.

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